Leah Fortune:

Revolutionizing Skincare with Holistic Beauty Solutions

Brittany Brown

Leah Fortune

Introducing Leah Fortune, a celebrated Master Facialist, certified Esthetician, and the visionary behind Gratitude Skincare in Niagara. With 16 years of expertise, Leah is renowned for her ability to blend clinical effectiveness with a holistic approach to relaxation, offering a truly unique facial treatment experience.

Professional Journey:

Leah's journey in the beauty industry is marked by her deep commitment to personalized skincare. Her passion for creating customized facials that cater to the specific needs of her clients has set her apart in the spa industry. Recently, Leah expanded her impact by launching her own clean beauty skincare line, Gratitude Skincare, further testament to her dedication to providing clients with results-driven solutions for maintaining their skin's health and radiance.

Areas of Expertise:

Customized Facial Treatments

Clean Beauty Skincare Solutions

Exceptional Customer Service

Why Leah Joined EmpowHer:

Driven by a desire to connect with and support other women in business, Leah joined the EmpowHer Niagara Business Club. She values the opportunity to share, learn, and grow alongside fellow female entrepreneurs, fostering a community of mutual support and empowerment.

Commitment to Skincare Excellence:

Leah's mission is to offer not just skincare treatments, but transformative skincare experiences. Through Gratitude Skincare, she ensures clients have access to clean, effective products that support their skin's health beyond the spa. Her approach emphasizes the importance of self-care and the integration of mind, body, and soul wellness.

Embark on a Skincare Journey with Leah Fortune:

Choosing Leah as your skincare guide means entrusting your skin to a dedicated professional who understands the importance of tailored care. Her expertise and holistic philosophy ensure a skincare experience that transcends the ordinary, promising not just visible results but a renewed sense of inner peace and gratitude.

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