Marianne Currado: Navigating Your Financial Future with Expertise

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Marianne Currado

Introducing Marianne Dhami, a dedicated wealth management professional with a rich background in financial planning. From a young age, Marianne learned the importance of money management, a skill she has passionately developed over the years.

Marianne's career in finance began in 1996, soon becoming a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). She has been instrumental in educating others, teaching the first course of the CFP designation at Niagara College and conducting workshops on financial literacy. In 2003, Marianne joined RBC as a Financial Planner and transitioned to RBC Dominion Securities in 2021. Her work with Empringham Bridger Private Wealth Partners accentuates her expertise in planning and strategizing for families and business owners.

Expertise in Wealth Management:
Marianne's areas of expertise include:

Retirement PlanningBusiness Owner Financial StrategiesEstate Planning and Wealth Transfer

Community Involvement:
Beyond her professional life, Marianne is deeply involved in her community. She is an avid proponent of physical activity, believing in its importance for a long, healthy life. Marianne also dedicates time to volunteering with Ronald McDonald House and raising financial literacy awareness through Junior Achievement.

Why Marianne Joined EmpowHer:
Marianne joined EmpowHer to lend her financial expertise to fellow women entrepreneurs, aiding them in achieving financial stability and peace of mind. She believes in the power of community support and financial education to empower women in their business and personal lives.

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